Blockchain Networks leveraging EOSIO codebase. 

EOSIO is a next-generation, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. Introduced in May 2017, it has since been widely recognized as the first performant blockchain platform for businesses across the world.

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The goal of BOS(Business Operating System) is to build an EOSIO ecosystem that supports more DApp and solve real-world problems using blockchain technology. From the perspective of the evolution of the blockchain, in addition to being the preferred base chain of DApp, BOS can also serve as a circulation chain for various heterogeneous chain coins or tokens, and as a free port in the blockchain world. BOS comes from the community and will develop better with a joint effort by the community.

BOSCore is the first EOSIO based chain to launch IBC, 3 sec LIB and Thundernodes. 




The governance model of the BOS Network advocates “Code is the law.” Ensuring the smooth development of DApps will be the highest priority for the BOS Network. The BOS Network issues an additional 0.2% per year for governance organisations or volunteers who help BOS holders to initiate arbitration/voting.

BOS Referendums and WPS details

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There are two types of decision or arbitration for the BOS Network: 1.Decided by the agreement of no less than 15 BPs. 2. Community referendum. There is no single ECAF institution in the governance of the BOS Network. But more independent organisations or individuals are encouraged to participate in the process of determining network features. They can obtain community incentives for effective solutions or suggestions.



BOS Referendum and WPS funds the development of all kinds of projects known as Worker Proposals. Launched with an allocation of 100 million BOS on March 2019, the primary purpose of the referendum and WPS is to incentivize developers to build and deploy BOS projects, which can be beneficial for the whole EOSIO ecosystem.

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